Review: The Original Stomp Rocket Ultra

Toy Name? The Original Stomp Rocket Ultra
Who Makes It? D+L Company
What is It? A toy rocket powered by air
What Ages? Recommended for ages 8 and up
How Much? $15-$20
Needs Batteries? No

The Original Stomp Rocket Ultra is truly a toy that is fun for the whole family. The toy itself has been around for decades, and is pretty simple. A foot pad is connected to a tube, and the tube connects to a light foam rocket on a launcher. Kids stomp on the footpad and the rocket flies into the air! Since the foot pad concentrates a lot of pressure into a small tube, it generates an impressive amount of energy, and because the rocket is very light, it can reach very impressive heights.


The suggested age range for the Stomp Rocket is 8 and up, but customer reviews report children much younger (as young as 3) successfully launching rockets and enjoying the toy. Younger kids also like watching older kids or parents take a turn and shooting the rocket even higher with their greater strength. One parent reviewer even said that spending 30 minutes or so outside launching rockets with his son is a great way to unwind after work!

If you think younger kids might find the Stomp Rocket Ultra a little frustrating, there is a Stomp Rocket Junior that requires less launching strength — but it doesn’t fly as high either. If a child likes to jump high and land hard, he or she will probably be able to handle the Ultra!

Older kids and even teens will enjoy the rocket as well, as all ages will have fun competing to see who can shoot the rocket the highest or furthest. The Stomp Rocket is priced reasonably enough to get several to bring to a picnic or family gathering so that all the kids can have a turn.


For tweens and teens, the rocket also has some STEM applications as well. The stomp rocket applies real-world physics in terms of gas pressure, acceleration, conservation of energy, gravity and more. There are plenty of potential science experiments that can be performed with this simple toy, and it could form the basis for a stimulating home school science lesson or a science fair project!

But kids won’t enjoy the Stomp Rocket because it’s educational, but because it’s fun! The rocket launching mechanism holds up pretty well according to many reviewers. The biggest complaint is that the rockets, being so light, are easy to bend and damage over time. Fortunately, there are replacement packs of rockets available, and if you are giving the Original Stomp Rocket Ultra as a gift, it might be thoughtful to include some of these extra rockets!



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