Review: Learning Resources Pretend & Play Fishing Set

Toy name: Pretend & Play Fishing Set

Manufacturer: Learning Resources

Price range: $25-$30

Suggested age range: 3-6 years

Needs batteries? No

The Pretend & Play Fishing Set lets kids have their own fishing adventures in the living room, backyard, or bathtub! With this kit, kids have a pole with a hook, several bait “worms” and several fish to catch, plus a net to scoop them up with. The set also comes with a child-sized fishing vest with real pockets, and a 6-page activity book with dry-erase pages. Everything in the set fits in the tackle box for easy carrying and storage.


Worms and fish come in 3 different sizes, so you can play a game of matching the correct size bait to the correct fish. The magnets are embedded in all the pieces for safety–no tiny pieces to swallow!

The fish are plastic, so they can “swim” in the bathtub, wading pool, or a bucket for more authentic fishing fun. They work equally well on a floor or a lawn (unlike actual fish!) However, I wouldn’t take it to an actual beach or pond as the pieces are liable to get lost in the water, or clogged with sand.

The Pretend & Play Fishing Set is a fun toy for imaginative, open-ended play, and requires no batteries, chargers, or electrical outlets, just a child’s imagination and creativity. It should especially be a hit with pre-schoolers who see grandparents, parents, or older siblings fishing.

User reviews are almost totally positive. One mother said that her son has played with it daily for over a year and all the pieces have held up well (the netting on the fisherman’s net is probably the most fragile component). The vest is made of plastic, nylon, and canvas, and with the addition of some brightly colored tape, can also do duty as a construction worker’s or hunter’s vest for additional games.

The best age range for this is probably about 3 to 5 years old, and it is equally enjoyable for boys and girls. The usual price range is $25-$30, but I’ve seen it on sale for as low as $14.


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