The Latest from Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef Dolls


The newest Monster High special, “Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef” was released on Nickelodeon in February 2016 and on DVD in March 2016. In the movie, Lagoona Blue, Frankie Stein, Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf, Toralei Stripe and Gil Webber are drawn into the Monster High pool by a mysterious power, and find themselves transported to the Great Scarrier Reef. Not only that, they have been transformed into mermaid versions of themselves! They meet new friends, confront an old enemy of Lagoona’s, and avoid the wrath of the Kraken, while working hard to get back home to Monster High.


If you have a Monster High fan in your life, they will definitely want to add the Great Scarrier Reef Dolls to their collection! The designers have outdone themselves with this set of dolls, which are incredibly detailed yet remain in the $15-$20 price range for each doll.

Before I get into the newest characters, let’s take a look at the familiar characters as mermaids.

All of the mermaid dolls share common features. Each is based on the look of a real-world fish. They have normal upper bodies (including fabric clothing up top) and fish bottoms with scaly tails. The dolls all have jewelry but each doll has unique items, and each tail is different as well, varying from fin-like to multiple tentacles. The dolls are fully articulated — wrists, elbows, waists, “knees” (mid-fin) and fins all twist and turn, and the tails can be arranged so that the dolls stand up. Each doll has an additional set of fins at either the shoulder or the waist/hips. 

One thing I love is that all the dolls have dramatically different face paints from their usual looks, and each is very detailed. And all of the dolls glow in the dark! I think that the colors of the dolls would pop under black light as well.

Here’s a closer look at each doll:

Lagoona Blue


Lagoona Blue is front and center of this story, and her doll doesn’t disappoint. Her design is based on a sailfish. While Lagoona usually has hints of blue in her blonde hair, her mermaid form has dramatic bright blue and magenta stripes. Her midriff top and tail are purple. She has a split tail and shoulder fins in translucent blue. Her jewelry is coral-inspired, and she has a necklace, belt and bracelet.

Frankie Stein


Frankie as a mermaid is a dramatic departure from her usual tones of black and white! Her hair has the familiar black and white stripes, intermixed with electric blue highlights. With Frankie’s need for electric power, her fish is, of course, an electric eel! Her single eel-like tail curls for her to stand on. Her top is a yellow and blue print and her tail and waist fins are a sort of greenish-blue. She wears a simple seaweed belt and no other adornments.



Draculaura’s design is obviously inspired by the octopus, though her tail has only five tentacles! Befitting a vampire, her overall color is black, with yellow and reddish-purple highlights in her outfit and hair. Her yellow shoulder fins look appropriately bat-like, and her jewelry is a yellow necklace. My favorite part is her face paint, which includes tentacle-like designs as part of her eye makeup. Sounds crazy, but looks neat!

Clawdeen Wolf


I can’t find information on Clawdeen’s fishy inspiration anywhere (if you know, holler at me in the comments!) and I don’t have a guess either. Dogfish? Clawdeen is another big departure from her usual look. Instead of her mocha complexion, underwater Clawdeen is lavender! She has teal and purple highlights in her brown hair, and her outfit is purple with teal and yellow. She has a split tail fin of translucent green and whiteish hip fins. Her jewelry is unique–sort of a combination necklace/waist decoration that almost looks like an armor chest piece.



I’m not a big Toralei fan but this doll is amazing! She is based on a lionfish and you can really see it in her spiny look. She has black stripes in her reddish-brown hair, and her overall look is orange and black with lots of stripes. Her shoulder fins are actually a fan of spines much like the real lionfish, and her tail is a fan of fins as well. Her necklace is translucent green coral.

With these cool versions of the regular characters, the three new dolls will have to be incredible to even begin to compete. They definitely do hold their own, though!

Posea Reef


Posea is the daughter of Poseidon and lives at Great Scarrier Reef. The detailing on this doll is incredible. She has waist-length hair of magenta and emerald green, which complements her aquamarine complexion. She doesn’t really have hands — just fins! Her tail is sort of a combination of tentacles and seaweed, and my favorite detail on her is the little sea creatures tangled through her tail — there’s a seahorse, a crab, and more! She also has a complete set of jewelry, including a neck-to-waist torso decoration, earrings, bracelets, and a black barrette perched in her hair.

Kala Mer’ri


As the name suggests, Kala Mer’ri is inspired by the squid, and it shows right down to the suckers on her fingers on all four of her hands! She has black hair streaked with orange, and purple skin! The most striking feature is her four arms, all fully articulated. Her tail is a combination of tentacles and long whip-like pieces. Her jewelry includes a belt, bracelets on three of her arms, and spiky blue earrings. She is striking and a little bit scary, which is appropriate considering that she is the old enemy that Lagoona has to confront in the movie.

Between her outfit, her tentacles, and her face paint, she may be the most amazing looking when she glows in the dark.

Peri & Pearl Serpentine


I saved my favorite for last–this doll is like nothing you have ever seen! Peri and Pearl are twins with two heads but one body. Both heads have long hair — one with electric blue hair and light blue highlights, the other blonde with electric blue highlights. Their shared body has a pretty print top and a scaly snake tail. They have translucent purple fins at the waist. They are fully adorned as well, with a double necklace and a belt that look like they are made from undersea treasures. Each girl has one earring, and their tail is also sporting a piece of decorative jewelry.

On the whole, a fabulous collection of Monster High dolls for any little ghoul. Do you have a favorite?


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