Toys for Kids Who Love Zootopia


Zootopia is the latest hit Disney animated movie. It tells the story of Judy Hopps, a bunny from the sticks, who travels to the big city of Zootopia to become the first rabbit officer in the Zootopia Police Department. She quickly realizes that she is just a token bunny who isn’t expected to do much more than write parking tickets, and is determined to show what she can do by solving a big case. However, this means she has to work with Nick Wilde, an annoyingly self-confident fox who may not be all he seems.

Zootopia takes place in a world of mammals who (mostly) all get along, living side by side in a big city. They talk and act like people, living in buildings, driving cars, and wearing clothes, yet still display their animal characteristics. The drivers license department, for example, is all staffed by sloths, who of course move very slowly, just like in a real bureaucracy!

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In just a few weeks of release, Zootopia has already taken in over half a billion dollars, so if you have kids in your life, there’s a good chance they have seen and enjoyed it, and would love to expand on the movie experience with some Zootopia toys, games and activities. The main target audience for this movie are kids in the age range of about 4 through 9, and the toys tied in with the movie are mainly for that age range as well.

So what kinds of toys and games are out there? Here is a look at some of the best choices.

Action Figures and Toys

There is a complete line of action figures for the main characters from the movie, and the two main characters also come in sets with their vehicles. Nick’s Convertible is sold with the Nick Wilde figure, and also comes with a parking meter that flips from red to green. He is about 3” tall and fits into the front seat of the car perfectly (there are holes in the car seats for the characters’ tails!).


Officer Hopps also comes with her own car — Judy’s Zootopia Police Department cruiser! It has a top that opens to place characters inside, and when it moves, it has flashing lights and a siren (3 AAA batteries required). There is even a “jail” in the trunk area for holding captured lawbreakers. The set comes with two action figures — Judy in her police uniform, about 3” tall, and a lawbreaking mouse who is about 1” tall.


There are six sets of action figures that are sold in pairings of two per package. All the action figures are proportional in size to the others, are detailed in design, and have heads, arms and legs that are poseable. You can pick from Judy and Assistant Mayor Bellwether; Nick Fox and Finnick; Mayor Lionheart and Lemming Businessman; Clawhauser and Bat Eyewitness; McHorn and Safety Squirrel; and Mr. Big and Kevin.

There are more toys set to come out later this year which will work with these action figures as well, including a Zootopia PD multilevel playset.

Stuffed Animals

Other kids might be more interested in cuddling with the cute Zootopia characters than in playing with the action figures, and there are toys for them as well. The best of these in terms of detailed construction and huggability are the “large” plushes, which are around 10-12” in size. There are figures for Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps, but my personal favorite for the cute and cuddly factor is the slow but lovable sloth, Flash!


If you are looking for stuffed animal characters that are a little more interactive, there are also talking plushes for Nick and Judy. These are slightly larger at around 13-14” tall, and say 6-7 phrases and sounds from the movie when you squeeze them. Each takes two AAA batteries, which are included with the toy.

Games and Activities

Officer Judy Hopps always has her ZPD badge and her trusty carrot recorder with her so she can collect evidence on the go. Zootopia fans can play as their favorite bunny cop with their own Zootopia Judy’s Carrot Recorder and Badge. The badge clips easily onto clothing, while the recorder is easy to use — just switch it on, push one button to record up to 10 seconds of sound, then another button to play it back.


For arts and crafts fans, there are several Zootopia activity books available, including the Zootopia Adventures Paint Palette Book, which comes with 16 paint colors and a paintbrush; the Zootopia Activity Book of puzzles, games, and coloring pages, which comes with two erasers shaped like Judy and Nick; and the Zootopia Ultimate Sticker Book with 16 pages of scenes and over 60 reusable stickers.


Last but not least, children who love board games will enjoy the Zootopia Suspect Search Game (also called Zoo Clues), in which two players compete to capture bad guys by locating the correct set of evidence cards associated with a particular suspect. There are 5 suspects all together, and whoever collects three suspects first is the winner! The game says it is for ages 7 and up, but I think kids who are 5 or 6 could pick up the game pretty easily if an adult or older child shows them how to play it. No reading is required, just a good memory. The game is easy to learn and quick to play, with one game taking no more than 10-15 minutes.


Have you seen Zootopia yet? Do you or the kids in your life have a favorite character?

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