Welcome! And thanks for checking out my website!

Who is this site for?

Childless, child-free, double-income-no-kids?

No kids yet but maybe later?

Never had ’em, never will?

If you fall into these categories, chances are you still have kids in your life. They may be nieces and nephews, siblings, children of friends, step-kids or step-grandkids, or godchildren. And at some point, you will probably be buying gifts for these kids, but you are out of touch with what kids play with these days.

Moreover, you want good value for your money. You want to get a toy they will actually play with and like, that won’t break instantly or annoy their parents, that won’t be too old or too young for their age level. You may want to steer clear of toys that enforce gender stereotypes, or choose toys that are educational and encourage creative play.

That’s what this blog does: it provides reviews of popular toys so people without kids can choose gifts with confidence.

It is the kind of site I wished I could find when shopping for the many kids in my life. I review toys while keeping in mind:

  • popularity
  • value for the money
  • safety
  • price
  • age range
  •  social values

I’m looking for the best choices and will mainly feature toys I think are great buys, and I’ll tell you why I think so. Occasionally I may feature a toy that is very popular (and a child in your life may be wanting it) but may not be such a great deal–and I’ll tell you why I think so!

Who are you?

To my nine (and counting–at least two more are on the way as of this writing!) nieces and nephews, I’m Aunt Colleen. I’ve been shopping for gifts for them for well over a decade, and as they currently range in age from 15 to 2 months, I have experience (and will continue to gain experience) looking at toys in all price ranges.

As I’ve shopped for the kids in my extended family, I’ve also become interested in exploring the modern world of toys and spend plenty of time browsing and window-shopping online and in toy aisles and toy stores. I want to put what I’ve learned out there for folks who don’t have time to do that themselves, and help them narrow down their choices while pointing out the high-quality, best value, most fun toys I can find.

Are you an affiliate site?

Yes, I am. I’m currently an affiliate with Amazon.com and will earn a small commission if you follow my links and make a purchase.

However, I also value honesty and integrity, and this site is not JUST a place to advertise or try to make money. I genuinely want to help people make informed purchasing decisions, and my promise to everyone who comes here is that I will NEVER, EVER promote a product I don’t believe in or think is a good value.

Can I recommend a toy or request a review?

Sure! I welcome all feedback. Leave a comment on a post, or email me directly at superkidtoyssite@gmail.com.

Thanks again for visiting, and I hope you find information you need!

Colleen McMahon AKA Aunt Colleen




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